Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I am horrible about keeping a journal, in fact I dug out my last journal and not surprisingly my last entry was from 2 years ago with a promise to "write more often" Ummmmm yeah, I have since quit lying to myself. Nevertheless I have a strong desire to record my blessings and my experiences with listening to the still small voice. Not only my children to someday read, but also for myself. So that when life does get harder than it has been (which I am sure it will!) I can look back and be reminded of how very blessed I truly am.

The first experience I wanted to record was one that has carried us through these last couple of years, and taught me to be ever more prayerful and attentive to promptings.

It was the spring of 2008...

I don't have just one set instance, but the feeling that I needed to work on our food storage was very strong, and it kept coming over, and over, and over again.
At that time I had what I considered an "OK" storage with a couple shelves in the basement with extra cereal, some extra cans of soup and noodles, and just little things that didn't really add up to anything. I didn't really know how to go about getting our food storage but I just knew that at that moment that is what I needed to be working on. Thankfully the means came in the form of the stimulus package that President Obama had passed. (I am in no way stating what my political beliefs are, just that I am thankful for the money at the time). With some of that money and the help of my ever handy husband to build shelves, I was able to make lists of what I wanted in the way of food storage, what we needed, cut a TON of coupons and turn what was once a couple shelves of odds and ends, into an actual food storage that I am proud of!

Fast forward to February of 2009. Matt lost his job.

I firmly believe that the Lord knows us. Our Father in Heaven knows us each personally, and wants us to succeed in this life. That is why he guides us and uses the Holy Ghost to prompt us in the things we need to be doing.
I am so very thankful for those promptings from the Holy Ghost. I am thankful that I was wise enough to listen. And I am so very thankful for that food storage that has sustained us through these last couple of years. With out the help of the Lord, I would not have been prepared to feed my family the way I needed to and that is a scary thought.

~I am just THANKFUL~