Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I am horrible about keeping a journal, in fact I dug out my last journal and not surprisingly my last entry was from 2 years ago with a promise to "write more often" Ummmmm yeah, I have since quit lying to myself. Nevertheless I have a strong desire to record my blessings and my experiences with listening to the still small voice. Not only my children to someday read, but also for myself. So that when life does get harder than it has been (which I am sure it will!) I can look back and be reminded of how very blessed I truly am.

The first experience I wanted to record was one that has carried us through these last couple of years, and taught me to be ever more prayerful and attentive to promptings.

It was the spring of 2008...

I don't have just one set instance, but the feeling that I needed to work on our food storage was very strong, and it kept coming over, and over, and over again.
At that time I had what I considered an "OK" storage with a couple shelves in the basement with extra cereal, some extra cans of soup and noodles, and just little things that didn't really add up to anything. I didn't really know how to go about getting our food storage but I just knew that at that moment that is what I needed to be working on. Thankfully the means came in the form of the stimulus package that President Obama had passed. (I am in no way stating what my political beliefs are, just that I am thankful for the money at the time). With some of that money and the help of my ever handy husband to build shelves, I was able to make lists of what I wanted in the way of food storage, what we needed, cut a TON of coupons and turn what was once a couple shelves of odds and ends, into an actual food storage that I am proud of!

Fast forward to February of 2009. Matt lost his job.

I firmly believe that the Lord knows us. Our Father in Heaven knows us each personally, and wants us to succeed in this life. That is why he guides us and uses the Holy Ghost to prompt us in the things we need to be doing.
I am so very thankful for those promptings from the Holy Ghost. I am thankful that I was wise enough to listen. And I am so very thankful for that food storage that has sustained us through these last couple of years. With out the help of the Lord, I would not have been prepared to feed my family the way I needed to and that is a scary thought.

~I am just THANKFUL~

Saturday, November 27, 2010


It is about time!

I finally feel like I'm at a place now where I have some breathing room and can actually think through things and put them down here. The last couple of months have been the craziest of my life. Honestly.

Since my last post was about Brooke, I will update on her first.
Brooke has done a lot better since her visit with the gastroenterologist. We switched her formula and she seemed to be feeling better, and her facial rash went away! That was until the end of June when I made a TON of strawberry jam.....Whole body rash. seriously. Head to toe. I took her to her doctor, who told me that Brooke was allergic to strawberries and to not even allow Brooke to get near one with out being within two miles of a hospital. She also told me to give Brooke an oral steroid and to keep slathering her in lotion. So I did. I slathered her in Aveeno. (This part of the story is key).
Well as Brooke was aproaching 6 mos and the age of tackling solids, I was a nervous wreck. What is I fed her something that she would react to!? SO I pushed for an apointment with an allergist. We had the RAST test done to check for Milk, Soy, Egg, and Strawberry allergies and to my surprise and delight everything came back negetive! I was given the ok to start Brooke on basic fruits and veggies and to bring her back to allergist in a couple weeks for follow up skin testing. The basic baby foods were a very tasty success. Until I tried peas. After a couple bites, Brookes face started to get really red, and she broke out in little bumps around her mouth. AHHH!!! it was my nightmare coming true! Thankfully a little benedryl took care of it, and her apointment with the allergist was only a couple days away. So at Brookes allergist apointment I mentioned the reaction to the peas, and the very wise doctor told me that it was very unlikely that Brooke was allergic to the peas, but consented to test her for it anyways. They tested for Milk, Soy, Eggs, and peas this time.
Guess what?
She's allergic to SOY and PEAS! It all makes sense now....The reaction to the soy formula, the rash that didn't get better even after drowning the poor baby in lotion. Ugh, insert the mom guilt right here >GUILT< The Aveeno has SOY in it, and I had no idea. I was actually making my poor baby sick!
So we are now the proud owners of Epi-pens and we carry them and Benedryl with us at ALL times. Sadly there is also a very high chance that Brooke is allergic to Peanuts since she is already allergic to two lesser legumes. On the upside, if we avoid ALL Soy, peas, peanuts, tree nuts, fish and shellfish until she's 3 she might outgrow her allergies!! The only downside is that Soy in one shape or form is in just about everything. Bread? Soy flour. Crisco? Soy. Veggie oil? Soy oil. Anything commercially prepared or processed? Soy oil, Soy lecithin, Soy flour, soy protein, SOY! But that's just means that I do a lot more baking and cooking, and that we will all hopefully be eating better.

As you can see Brooke and her needs have pretty much consumed us over the last couple of months. But on to the rest of us!
Matt is almost done with school! can you tell I'm excited? Ugh, it seems like forever ago that he had a job and was making actual, what's it called? Oh that's right....$MONEY$. But who needs that right? All joking aside, I am SO thankful for these last two years. They have been the hardest, most frustrating, eye opening, blessed years of my life. I can see the Lords hand in every decision and step, and I am truly thankful for his love and watchful care. Matt has been applying for Law enforcement jobs and we have yet to hear anything back, but even if these opportunities fall through, I just keep reminding myself that something bigger and better will come along.

On a lighter note. I started my own business! Since Brooke was born I needed a hobby, something to do to keep my mind off of things. So I started making hair bows for infants and girls. One thing led to another, and I started getting orders for them! I just set up a blog and face book fan page for my bows. It's called PeachFuzz Decor. I put a link on the side of this page. It's still a work in progress but check it out and let me know what you think!

I think that's it for us. I always say that I'll post more regularly, but we know how well that's turned out in the past!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


The following post contains pitiful dialogue.........

You know when you have one of those days when nothing goes right? Well I've had almost 3 months of it and I'm tired!
Brookes birth was such a wonderful event for our family, we love her to death and wouldn't trade her for anything. BUT.....Brooke was born with her own set of frusterating trials. Brooke entered the world with a heart murmer that has now resolved itself, for the last three months she has vomited EVERYTHING she eats, broken out in rashes, had terribly painful baby gas, been extreemly irritable, and just been plain miserable! I feel bad for her!
After numerous apointments with her doctor and some hard pushing I finally got a referal to a gastroenterologist, and after a month of waiting, Brooke finally had her apointment on monday. I'm glad I pushed for this apointment.
We now have a game plan.......
Brooke was diagnosed with GERD (gastroesophogeal reflux disease) so we doubled her reflux meds, upped her to twice a day and are giving her maalox in between. She also has a "probable" milk/soy allergy. (The specialist says that she has all the signs but doesn't want to test her because of her age.) So we switched her from soy to the hypoallergenic, super expensive formula. The doctor even wrote up a prescription for it! Needless to say...... our insurance wont cover it. :( We qualify for WIC, but now I have to jump through even more hoops to try and get them to cover it.
I know in the end everything will work out, and that we are givin trials to strenghthen us. But right now? Right now I want to everything to go my way.
Right now all I want to do is go back to bed.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

More pictures of Brooke!

I love tiny baby toes!

Aww they love their sister

Such a good sleeper

I think she lookes A LOT like Shawn

This is how Brooke likes to sleep in her swing!

I can't believe it's been almost 3 weeks since we welcomed Brooke. She is such a good baby. Seriously, she NEVER cries! I hope that keeps up! She fits in with the other kids so well it almost feels like she's been here all along. I was worried that the newness of a baby would wear off after a week or two and that Abby and Shawn would start to get tired of all the attention that goes along with a baby, but surprisingly they have adjusted really well. Abby still loves to help whenever she can, and Shawn has shifted his focus from me to Matt, but that's ok. I understand that this is hard on him, and if Daddy can give him the attention he needs, I'm all for it.
I am getting really restless being home. 3 weeks is long enough! I need to get back to church and start seeing people!!! That being said, I'm also terrified to take Brooke out too much for fear that she will catch something and get sick. What to do!? I guess I'll just keep praying for winter and germ season to end soon.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Brooke Lynn Lewis

Brooke 1 day old

The PROUD big sister!

The big brother! he didn't really know what to think

Brooke was born with red hair! it's still kind of
strawberry but has faded a lot

Welcome to the world!

Big Girl!

So happy to finally meet you!

Brooke Lynn Lewis is finally here!
I feel like I had been pregnant FOREVER. Maybe it's because I was more tired and sore this time around and was just ready to be done, but I don't remember my other two taking this long.
My entire pregnancy Matt said that I wouldn't make it past Valentines day (my originaly due date was March 3rd) and I was caustiously hoping he would be right. AND HE WAS!!! Brooke arrived 3 weeks early on February 9th. I had been having contractions on and off for 3-4 days and Tuesday morning they got progressivly worse. Matt came home from school and I made an appointment with my regualar OB just to go and get checked out. My dr. hooked me up to the monitors and lo and behold I was contracting every 2 minutes! She said that as soon as matt could make it to the hospital she would do the C-section and we would meet our baby that day! I called Matt who was still at home with Abby, Shawn and my two daycare girls, and told him to call the grandparents to come and sit with the kids. Matt made it to the hospital about an hour later, and as soon as he walked in the nurse handed him scrubs and we were off to the delivery room. 20 minutes later, our beautiful baby girl was born weighing in at a whopping 7lb 10oz!!! It's a good thing she decided to come early because they estimate that if she had waited to come until her due date she would have weighed over 9lbs!
Brooke is absolutly perfect for being 3 weeks early. She was a little jaundiced, and had a slight heart murmer, but everything seems to be healing nicely. We LOVE having her with us.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Smarty Pants

Matt will hate me once he finds out that I posted this....
Matt had been working VERY hard at finishing his degree in Law Enforcement.
We never thought that he would be layed off from construction and have to make such a life altering decision.
We have been extreemly proud of the choices he has made to support his family, and to top it all off........Matt Made the Deans List and Honors Program!!!!
Matt of course thinks it no big deal and as exicting as graduating from clown college. What he doesn't see is that it is a big deal. He has worked his tail off to finish a two year degree in ONE year, AND to have the grades good enough to make the deans list and honors program just shows how truly amazing he is. We LOVE him so much and are truly thankful to have him as amazing husband and daddy!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Thanks to friends of ours in Texas who introduced the tradition of the Christmas Eve Elf, who always brings new jammies on Christmas Eve!

Shawn in is Super cool Batman outfit. Thanks Auntie Gen!
He also got a Super Why costume.

Ahhh the power of teamwork! Sometimes it takes two people to make quick work of all that wrapping paper!

Abby recieved an abundance of Little Pet Shop animals and accesories.
We had an awesome christmas! We are so lucky to have so much family around to spend the holidays with. This year we spread the festivities out over two days and celebrated Christmas Eve with my mom in St. Cloud and then Christmas day with Matts family in New Hope. We ate ourselves into a nice food coma, and let the grandparents spoil the kids. The best part was being able to talk to Matts brother Jeff who is serving a mission in Oklahoma. We miss him!